The Social Connect

Not only is Brian highly social, he is also well connected and has many resources in society. This allows Brian to produce wonderful social events,  anything from sponsoring other’s events to hosting lavish parties of his own. These often include: charity benefit events, fashion shows, Halloween, holiday parties, NPC events, and VIP Real Estate promotional events.

These events have grown and are very well received! Every year they only get bigger and bigger. Since the events have gained in popularity and continue to grow, Brian is able to continue one of his passions, which simply put, is to create an amazing time for his friends……



VIP Holiday Party 2017

Tremendous thanks to everyone attending the VIP Real Estate post Holiday party last night! Such a wonderful evening! Huge thanks to STK for the amazing service, delicious food, and providing a true “VIP” experience.

NPC Events 2016

Brian and Randy’s Holiday Party 2015

NPC Events 2015